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What Should You Store in Your Fort Lauderdale Self Storage Unit?

Posted on: November 13, 2017 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage May 15, 2018

Items packed up to be stored in a storage unit

If you need more room, and have rented a Lighthouse Self Storage unit near Coral Springs or Dania Beach, you are on the way to having more space. While you most likely rented the storage unit with a few items you are looking to store in mind, you may be wondering what other items you can put in your storage unit. Items that aren’t often used are a good option for storing in your storage unit. Here some ideas of items that you can safely store in a Ft Lauderdale storage space.

Storing Seasonal Items in a Storage Unit

Seasonal items can take up a lot of room in your home, and since they are only used once a year, there is no reason to store them in your house. Seasonal items can easily be placed into a storage unit and not missed for the majority of the year.

Storing Collectibles in a Storage Unit

While it is nice to show off your collection, if it has grown to the point where it is taking up too much space in your house, it may be time to store a few of your least favorite items in your storage unit. If your collection may be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature or humidity, consider utilizing a climate controlled storage unit.

Storing Baby Items in a Storage Unit

While having unneeded baby items at your house may seem like unnecessary clutter, getting rid of baby items is wasteful. Most of the time, baby items and items can be reused. Instead of getting rid of the baby items, consider storing them in a storage unit. Even if you aren’t looking to expand your family any farther, you can still hold on to them for a few years for a friend or family member.

Storing Business Items in a Storage Unit

Working at home or running your own business can take up a lot of space in your home. Keeping business items in your home could become impossible, especially if you need to keep a lot of paperwork and inventory. A storage unit nearby Fort Lauderdale is the solution to holding onto all the extra paperwork and stock. Filing cabinets can make keeping paperwork or documents safe and secure a simple task. Inventory can also easily be stored in a storage unit until it is needed.

This list does not encompass all of the items that can be stored in a storage unit near the Davie and Deerfield neighborhood. However, hopefully this list got you thinking about the items you have around your house that can easily be stored in a storage unit.

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