What Makes Self-Storage Better Than Warehouse Storage?

Posted on: October 15, 2019 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage November 22, 2019

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“Are there available storage units near me?” is a loaded question. The short answer is, yes, most likely. The longer answer is that you probably have multiple storage options near you, and the next step is to find the one that fits your needs.

Two common options are self-storage and warehouse storage. While both have advantages and disadvantages, there are a number of reasons why self-storage will be a safer and more cost-effective solution for you in the long run. Here’s why.

Self Storage 

Self-storage units have been around for a while now, and they provide a space to store belongings in the long-term. These units are self-enclosed and have individual external access, which is often secured by steel doors.

The price of each unit varies from place to place, and of course, they are more expensive in crowded cities where there is a greater demand. If you live in Florida, you can also get air-conditioned units for climate control for your items.

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage is a more temporary solution than self-storage. This solution may also be better for possessions that do not fit in the space or height of a self-storage unit. While you can find storage units that will fit anything from household objects to cars and boats, you may also find the high ceilings that allow for equipment to be stored in warehouse storage beneficial.

The downside of warehouse storage is that your items are stored in a common area, which means that other people storing items there know exactly what you have. This can make some customers feel uncomfortable, especially when it comes to keeping sensitive items safe.

A common storage area also means that your storage area cannot be temperature-controlled. Still, the price of this solution is fairly comparable to self-storage.

Advantages of Self-Storage

Higher Security

Security is important because it has something to do with all of the other reasons why self-storage in West Palm Beach is better than warehouse storage. Every facility’s security will be a little different. For individual property, self-storage facilities typically have cameras, guards, and a strong entrance door that cannot be breached, along with an individual lock and key for your unit.

Warehouse security includes guards and cameras, as well. However, as previously mentioned, your belongings are stored in a common area, so if there are any blind spots, your items can be stolen much more easily than if they were stored in self-storage.

If your items are stored out in the open, consider who may have access to them. Your belongings aren’t safe from damage or from theft in a warehouse. You also don’t know who else will be allowed in the building, especially other people who store items. Those people can not only see your belongings but even leave with them if there is a hole in security.

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Temperature Control

When you store your items, you want to be able to control your storage area. Self-storage units in West Palm Beach have a climate control or temperature control option. Temperature control typically refers only to the temperature being maintained with a controlled range, while climate control includes both temperature and humidity control.

Warehouse storage typically does not offer you any control, especially when it comes to temperature. The common area means that your storage space will be the same temperature in this season as well as the next. Facilities that are not regulated can lead to exposure of high humidity, or hot and freezing temperatures, which can damage your belongings.

Items that need climate-controlled units include:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • Pianos
  • Photos and documents
  • Wine
  • Cosmetics
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork 
  • Electronics

Privacy for Expensive Items

Self-storage allows you to store expensive items without the worry of them being stolen. Consider all of the security solutions put in place by self-storage facilities. Each of those security functions means that your items are safe from prying eyes.

You are the only one with access to your individual unit. You may have a keycode or a key, but no one else does except the facility itself. To get into the parking area or grounds of the self-storage facility, thieves would need another access code or keycard, something that isn’t likely.

Warehouses, in contrast, are easy to enter. Anyone from workers to other storage users can see the items you have in storage. This makes it one step easier to steal your belongings straight from the storage unit – or even look you up to see what other assets you may have for the taking.

Better Long-Term Solution

Consider how often you will go to your storage unit. If you are a college student, you probably won’t be visiting your storage unit in the summer until school starts up. That’s two months that your items are left alone.

The longer your belongings sit in a common area, the easier it is for someone to steal them. However, with all of the security measures in place at self-storage facilities, you can rest easy on your summer off.

If you leave your items unattended for long periods of time in a warehouse, the odds are that other people who frequent that warehouse will notice and want to take advantage of that fact. After all, if they did steal something, you wouldn’t find out for months. While the guards do their best, and the cameras help, there’s simply no comparison when it comes to self-storage solutions.

More Cost-Effective

While prices will vary depending on the unit, self-storage is typically more cost-effective than warehouse storage. If prices are comparable, you’d still be getting a better deal because of all of the security features and the peace of mind you feel storing your items in a place under lock and key.

Which of the advantages of self-storage matter the most to you? Let us know in the comments.

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Recent surveys show that 41% of consumers rent out space to facilitate moving, while 17% need the extra space to declutter their home. Self-storage units are becoming more and more popular nowadays, considering the need to maximize on the reduced size of living spaces. If you live in California or Florida and are looking for the most convenient and flexible self-storage space, Lighthouse Self Storage has got you covered. Lighthouse Self Storage Facilities has a wide range of world-class storage units that are built to meet your specific needs. Below are some of the exceptional self-storage solutions you can expect:

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Climate Controlled Storage Units

Lighthouse Self Storage has an excellent selection of climate controlled units, specially made indoor units designed to protect your property from the damaging effects of drastic changes in weather, humidity, and temperature. We offer air conditioned or heated units to keep constant indoor conditions for all of your items and their storage needs. These climate controlled units are perfect for items that need to be in a controlled environment, such as wines and spirits. If you are storing fabrics, wooden items, electronics, family heirlooms, documents, and soft metallic items, our climate controlled storage units offer a home-like atmosphere for temperature sensitive and unique articles.

Drive-up Storage

This kind of storage is exceedingly convenient for businesses and homeowners looking to store copious amounts of property, and need to reduce the hauling distance and effort. With our drive-up storage, you will not have to incur extra costs on movers' hourly fees by taking days to transfer your items. You get to drive up to your unit, unpack or belongings, and continue on with your day. It’s that simple.

Business Storage Solutions

You no longer have to worry about extra space, rent overheads, or idle property during off-peak business seasons. Whether you need to store machinery, essential documents, or inventory, our business storage solutions will cater to all of your needs. We have worked successfully with many law firms, e-commerce stores, and contractors to keep their essential business property safe. Visit us today to find out more about our business storage solutions.

Hurricane Season Storage

The last thing you should be stressing about is your valuable outdoor property, which is likely to be destroyed in the event of a storm. You may also need to clear out a safe room to use it for shelter. If you have any lawn and patio furniture, consider taking out safe storage for it with Lighthouse. Our concrete self-storage units will give your valuables the safety and security they will need to protect them from damage. Our storage units can also come in handy during the winter when you need to protect your valuables from the biting cold.

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