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The Best Christmas Tree Storage Tips

Posted on: December 16, 2018 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage February 25, 2019

A Christmas tree inside of a home

An artificial Christmas tree can be a very convenient alternative to getting a real Christmas tree. Just like many things that are convenient, an artificial Christmas tree investment is expected to last many years. In order to avoid damaged or bent branches, tree discoloration and more, it is important to store your Christmas tree properly. Keep reading this post to find 6 tips for storing a Christmas tree!

Keep Your Tree Damage-Free Using These Artificial Tree Storage Tips

  • Remove the decorations: The first step to storing your Christmas tree is to remove all of the ornaments, garlands and any other decorations from your tree. If your tree isn’t pre-lit, remove the Christmas lights as well. These items should be carefully stored away for next year.
  • Do a light check: If you’re Christmas tree is pre-lit, check the light strands for any burnt out bulbs before placing it into storage. If you find burnt out bulbs, change them before storing the Christmas tree.
  • Take down the tree: A pre-lit Christmas tree is going to be more difficult to disassemble than an unlit tree. Most artificial trees come apart into 3-4 sections. If your tree is unlit, disassemble it the same way you put it together. Before taking apart a pre-lit tree, it is important to first disconnect the factory-connected plugs. Be careful when disconnecting the plugs, as pulling too hard can result in the lights shorting out. Once the strands have been disconnected, you will be able to take the tree apart just like an unlit tree.
  • Fold in the tree branches: In order to help the tree be more compact for storage, it is important to fold in the tree branches. Be careful when folding in the branches because you don’t want to damage the tree or the lights.
  • Place the Christmas tree in a storage bin: It is not a good idea to store your Christmas tree in the box it came in. Overtime, cardboard can become flimsy and will not protect your tree from damage. When storing your Christmas tree, use a storage bin to keep it safe from dust and dirt.
  • Use climate controlled storage: The basement and attic are common locations for storing Christmas trees. Unfortunately, though, these locations are prone to fluctuations in temperature and are not a smart storage solution. Instead, consider a climate controlled storage unit rental. A climate controlled storage unit rental will maintain a range of temperature safe for storing more sensitive items.

Lighthouse Self Storage Has Storage Facilities in California and Florida

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