The Best Tips for Moving a Washer and Dryer

Posted on: February 2, 2018 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage October 29, 2019

A man gets ready to clean his washer and dryer before storing it

The hardest part about moving is getting all of your items into your new home. While it’s difficult to move all of the items from your closets, basement and kitchen, if you’re doing a DIY move, the most difficult part may be moving your appliances. Appliances are expensive and fragile. If the appliance takes one small bump or ding, it may not be functioning the same way again.

How to Move a Washer and Dryer by Yourself

  1. Clean the Washing Machine: The week before you are planning on moving the washer and dryer, run a clean rinse through the washer. This will help to remove any detergent that may have become caked on. If after running the rinse the washer still isn’t clean, run a solution of vinegar and water through the machine.
  2. Clear the Lint from the Dryer: Take care to remove all of the lint from the lint trap. If you are unable to remove all of the lint, use a vacuum cleaner to suck it up from any hard to reach places. Once the lint has been removed from the lint trap, remove the lint trap and any other removable pieces.
  3. Disconnect Hoses and Wiring from Appliances: Take caution when disconnecting the gas line. If you have never done this before, consult a professional. Any removable pieces can be placed inside of the washer and dryer for safe keeping during the move.
  4. Use a Dolly to Move the Appliances: To prevent injury or damage from occurring to the washer and dryer, use a dolly to lift the appliances. These machines aren’t made to be moved around often, and any dings or bumps along the way can damage the structure or internal components.

How to Store a Washer and Dryer

New home, new appliances. If you’re moving into a new home and decide to upgrade your washer and dryer as well, you will have to find a place to put your old washer and dryer. If your old appliances are still in good shape, consider storing them in a storage unit. Appliances are expensive, and you never know when someone in your life is going to need a washer and dryer. When storing a washer and dryer in a storage unit, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Keep the Appliance Clean and Dry: Never store an appliance that isn’t completely dry. To keep mold and mildew from forming inside of the machine, leave the doors to the washer and dryer open.
  2. Cover the Washer and Dryer with a Blanket or Sheet: Use a blanket or sheet to cover your and keep dust and dirt from settling on your appliance.

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Lighthouse Self Storage has storage facilities throughout Florida and California, ready to meet your storage needs. Many of our self storage facilities have storage units that will control the climate, perfect for the storage of appliances and more sensitive items. Are you interested in learning more about renting a self storage unit with Lighthouse Self storage? Contact us today!

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Recent surveys show that 41% of consumers rent out space to facilitate moving, while 17% need the extra space to declutter their home. Self-storage units are becoming more and more popular nowadays, considering the need to maximize on the reduced size of living spaces. If you live in California or Florida and are looking for the most convenient and flexible self-storage space, Lighthouse Self Storage has got you covered. Lighthouse Self Storage Facilities has a wide range of world-class storage units that are built to meet your specific needs. Below are some of the exceptional self-storage solutions you can expect:

Self-Storage for Homeowners and Students

If you are moving, staging a home or consolidating homes, our excellent, clean, and secure units will come in handy for your storage needs. If you are a student emptying your dorm, Lighthouse offers many storage solutions for your needs and items large and small. Our storage units will keep your furniture, books, bedding, clothing, electronics, and furniture safe and secure. Why haul heavy items back and forth, miles across the country when you can rent storage whenever you need it? We are convenient and flexible to meet your needs.

Car, Boat, and RV Storage

If you are traveling, you need not leave your precious vehicle, boat, or RV at the mercy of the elements. If your garage will not fit all your toys, consider taking out some spacious motor vehicle storage at Lighthouse Self Storage for them. This way, they will remain secure and intact, and you get to have peace of mind during your trip.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Lighthouse Self Storage has an excellent selection of climate controlled units, specially made indoor units designed to protect your property from the damaging effects of drastic changes in weather, humidity, and temperature. We offer air conditioned or heated units to keep constant indoor conditions for all of your items and their storage needs. These climate controlled units are perfect for items that need to be in a controlled environment, such as wines and spirits. If you are storing fabrics, wooden items, electronics, family heirlooms, documents, and soft metallic items, our climate controlled storage units offer a home-like atmosphere for temperature sensitive and unique articles.

Drive-up Storage

This kind of storage is exceedingly convenient for businesses and homeowners looking to store copious amounts of property, and need to reduce the hauling distance and effort. With our drive-up storage, you will not have to incur extra costs on movers' hourly fees by taking days to transfer your items. You get to drive up to your unit, unpack or belongings, and continue on with your day. It’s that simple.

Business Storage Solutions

You no longer have to worry about extra space, rent overheads, or idle property during off-peak business seasons. Whether you need to store machinery, essential documents, or inventory, our business storage solutions will cater to all of your needs. We have worked successfully with many law firms, e-commerce stores, and contractors to keep their essential business property safe. Visit us today to find out more about our business storage solutions.

Hurricane Season Storage

The last thing you should be stressing about is your valuable outdoor property, which is likely to be destroyed in the event of a storm. You may also need to clear out a safe room to use it for shelter. If you have any lawn and patio furniture, consider taking out safe storage for it with Lighthouse. Our concrete self-storage units will give your valuables the safety and security they will need to protect them from damage. Our storage units can also come in handy during the winter when you need to protect your valuables from the biting cold.

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