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The Benefits and Drawback of Hiring Movers

Posted on: October 17, 2018 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage October 31, 2018

After hiring a moving company, two movers help bring boxes to a moving truck

If you are moving soon, you’re more than likely faced with the decision of whether or not to hire movers. This can be a tough choice because there is no wrong answer. Really, the answer depends on your moving situation. When choosing whether to hire movers or to do a DIY move, it is important to weigh out the pros and cons of both.

The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

  • Less chance of damage or injury: Professional movers help move people for a living and have a lot more experience than the average person who moves a handful of times in their lifetime. Professional movers will be able to spot a problem before it happens. For instance, if the mirror you packed will more than likely fall during transportation or if an item isn’t packed properly, they’ll know. Hiring professional movers will mitigate the chance of your items getting damaged during the move.
  • Less Stress: Let’s face it, moving can be a lot of work. It can not only take an emotional toll on you, but also a physical toll. Being able to rely on an experienced company to help with your move can take a great deal of stress away.

The Drawbacks of Hiring a Moving Company

  • Higher cost: More than likely, it will be more expensive to hire movers than to do a DIY move. While there are still costs associated with renting a moving van yourself, hiring workers tends to result in a higher cost.
  • Relying on your own moving team: If you choose not to hire movers, you will have to find your own moving team. This means that you likely have to ask your friends and family for help. This can result in more stress because things come up, and you never know
  • Dealing with the potential of a moving scam: Unfortunately, moving scams are a real thing. Fake moving companies will prey on people who are looking to hire a bargain moving company. The best way to avoid falling for a moving scam is to do your research. Ask your friends and family if they have recommendations for moving companies in your area. If your friends or family do not have recommendations, read online reviews.

Lighthouse Self Storage Has Storage Solutions for Movers

A storage unit rental can help to take some stress off of your move. As you’re moving into your new home, you may discover that for whatever reason, you don’t need all of the items you packed. Maybe your home is a smaller size than your previous home, or maybe you just want your new home to look less cluttered than your old home. Storing seasonal items or items you do not currently have a need for in a storage unit allows you to make more space in your home.

Lighthouse Self Storage has storage facilities in West Palm Beach, FL, Homestead, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Whittier, CA, Westminster, CA, Oceanside, CA and Carson, CA. Reserve a 5×5, 5×10 or 10×10 traditional or climate controlled storage unit today!

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