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Our temperature controlled storage units are subterranean to help control the climate within your storage unit. These self storage units are ideal for storing valuable or heat sensitive items








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Reasons to Rent Storage Units in Cooper City, FL
with Lighthouse Self Storage

Need a storage unit in Cooper City, FL? Lighthouse Self Storage’s newest facility is now open! We have wide variety of sizes and self-storage solutions.

Organization is a crucial aspect of everyone’s life; it facilitates better utilization of space, time and reduces costs. Changes in today’s way of living have made people have to contend with smaller living spaces, while still needing to stay in contact with all the items that add value to their life.
This is where Lighthouse Storage Facility comes in. With excellent storage units like ours, you need not reduce the living value of your home by cramping it with many of the items that you rarely use. Find self-storage units with Lighthouse Self Storage and make the most out of your home at a cost-effective price.

Benefits of Renting with Lighthouse Self Storage:

Our Cooper City, FL storage units are convenient

Many people have commitments that are both far away from home and frequent. College students may have to travel across states or countries to make it home for summer, which makes bringing their belongings difficult. A self-storage unit is a reliable way of keeping your belongings without the hassle of traveling to and fro with all your stuff or bugging friends and family to store it for you.

With self-storage units, you can keep all of your items without the need to trash or sell them. We all have items at home that we have no place for, but have emotional connections to them. Instead of leaving them to take up space in your home, you can avoid tossing them in the trash by storing them. Who knows? You may find a place for them in the future.

  • Safe and Secure

    Choosing the right self-storage facility in Cooper City will offer you the secure storage solutions you need that may not be available at home. If you have valuables that can’t be stored at home for any reason, effective self-storage facilities have CCTV cameras that ensure tight security over the premises.

  • Reduced Risk of Damage

    Let’s face facts. All items in your home run the risk of damage from accidents, children, pets, and guests. If you have delicate items that need to be taken care of without worrying about breakage, a self-storage facility is your answer. This ensures that your valuables will not get broken or damaged.

  • Cost-effective

    In addition to the convenience that self-storage facilities offer their clients, they also reduce the substantial cost of hauling one’s bulky belongings from one place to another. If you have a temporary work assignment and you need to travel or are looking for cost-effective storage solutions, Lighthouse has many options for your budget.

Our Cooper City Storage Units are Available for a Wide Range of Uses:

Some of the reasons why people take out storage units include:

  • Decluttering without Trashing
  • Temporary Storage for Moving
  • Non-Permanent Residences
  • Home Renovations
  • Securing Items while Traveling
  • Item Consolidation
  • House Selling/Home Staging

We also have Excellent Storage Facilities for Your Business:

If you are a business owner and have a large stock of stationery, paper, and other essential items needed to run your business and do not have sufficient space to store them, self-storage solutions can help you save space.

Lighthouse Self Storage units in Cooper City, FL are an excellent solution for businesses looking to downsize their operations and may need their extra equipment later. Below are some of the business self-storage solutions that we offer:

  • Drive-up storage to help you haul your property over short distances
  • Climate-controlled storage units for storing fragile and temperature-sensitive items
  • Flexible storage package

Our Features:

Lighthouse Self Storage has a wide array of units built to meet your specific storage units. We understand the need to protect all your valuable items regardless of their size and nature. Our storage solutions feature:

  • Concrete Storage Units for Hurricane Storage
  • Clean, well-lit storage units for storing books, clothes, bedding, and furniture for students and other homeowners
  • 24-hour digital surveillance cameras, bright lights, fences, and alarms
  • High-quality packing and moving supplies at competitive rates
  • An online storage cost calculator to help you conveniently determine your costs and make an informed decision
  • Flexible billing and online payment options

Rent a Storage Unit with Us Today

There are virtually an endless amount of reasons why you should consider renting out some storage space. Our storage units at Lighthouse Self Storage are affordable and easy to use. If you are in the Cooper City area, feel free to call (954) 516-2200 during office hours for more details into our self-storage solutions. We also have self storage West Palm Beach facility. You can fill out a form to contact us, after which a self-storage expert will answer all your questions.

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