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Pool Table Storage and Disassembly Tips

Posted on: May 9, 2019 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage May 31, 2019

A pool table in a home before storage

Looking to move and store your pool table? A pool table is not only very expensive, it is also bulky, fragile and heavy. This means that it is important to take precautionary steps when moving and storing a pool table to keep it from getting damaged. Keep reading this post to find important tips for disassembling and storing a pool table!

How to Take a Pool Table Apart

  • Look at the manufacturer approved instructions: Before taking apart the pool table, take a look at the manufacturer approved instructions. Different tables will require different steps for disassembly and storage and consulting the owner’s manual will ensure your table gets the care it needs.
  • Remove the staples from the table: The staples help to hold the pool table together. In order to remove the staples, use a staple remover or a flat head screwdriver. When removing staples from the table, always use eye protection to keep pieces and parts from getting in your eyes.
  • Unscrew the bolts from the rail: Next, unscrew the bolts holding the rail in place. Typically, three bolts are used to hold each rail in place. In order to unscrew the bolts, the appropriate sized socket is required. It is important to keep in mind that different models and brands of tables may have different methods of connecting the rails to the table.
  • Remove the felt: Once all screws have been removed and the rails are off, you can remove the felt. The felt is typically glued to the table, making removing it very difficult. If you are planning on using the felt again, carefully peel the felt from the table using a backwards motion.
  • Take off the slate: Next, take a look at the slate to determine how it is held into place. More than likely, you’ll discover it is screwed into the table. Carefully unscrew each screw and remove the slate.
  • Unscrew the legs: In order to make the table easier to move, unscrew the pool table legs and remove them from the table. Keep the legs close to the other items you removed from the table, so they don’t get lost.

How to Store a Pool Table

  • Keep the table dismantled in storage: In order to avoid putting unnecessary stress on different parts of the table, keep the table broken apart in storage.
  • Cover the pool table: Prevent dust, dirt and more from settling on your pool table by covering the pieces with a moving blanket.
  • Use a climate controlled storage unit: When storing a sensitive item like a pool table, it is essential to utilize a climate controlled storage unit. Over time, fluctuations in temperature can cause the wood to warp and mold and mildew to form on the table.

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