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Packing Like a Pro: Tips from Fort Lauderdale Self Storage

Posted on: November 13, 2017 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage May 15, 2018

Items packed and ready to go in a storage unit

Packing can be a lot of work. But, packing and storing will be a lot easier with these tips from Lighthouse Self Storage. By following these tips, you will be able to save energy and time when you are moving and storing your personal belongings.

Choose Your Box

If you are storing your items in a storage unit, it is because you want them to be safe and undamaged. If you do not store your items correctly in the storage unit, that may not be the case. Generally, you will require at least 4 small-medium boxes for each large box. Smaller boxes will be suitable for heavier objects such as dishes and books while the large boxes should be reserved for the lighter items, such as beddings and pillows. Be cautious using old boxes from grocery stores as they may have leftover food inside which can result in mold or mildew. Avoid using garbage bags when storing your items because they will trap moisture inside and may result to mildew and mold growth.

Don’t Overpack Your Boxes

Make sure that you can comfortably lift the boxes when you are packing. As a rule of thumb, put heavier items in smaller boxes to keep the boxes from getting too heavy. Avoid packing more than the capacity of the box. Boxes that are over packed may break in storage. But, never under pack the boxes either. Boxes that are under packed will not be sturdy enough to be stacked in the storage unit.

Use Wardrobe Boxes to Store Items

If you want to avoid wrinkling or damage to your suit, dress and pants, find a wardrobe box where you can easily hang them. It is also very convenient to move your hanging stuff straight into the wardrobe box. You may also use this in hanging drapes, garage items, and garden tools before storing them in a storage unit.

Label all Boxes

Do not forget to label all boxes with their contents. This will prevent you from having to open all of the boxes when you need something at a later time. It will also make stacking boxes in the Fort Lauderdale storage space a lot easier and prevent the damage of fragile items.

Wrapping the Furniture

You should use protective material when wrapping your furniture. This will help them stay in the best condition during your move and the time in storage.

Finally, when storing your items at the Fort Lauderdale storage facility, make sure that you will stack it up to the ceiling. This will ensure that you are maximizing the use of your storage space. Start with the heavier items at the bottom. The larger boxes are recommended to store in a vertical position. Keep the fragile items such as mirrors, glassware, and lamps on top. Make sure that the labels of the boxes are in a position where you can properly see them. This will make it easier for you to find the stuff that you are looking for the next time you visit your storage unit.

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