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6 Must Follow Tips for Organizing Toys in the Playroom

Posted on: February 10, 2019 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage February 27, 2019

Young kids in a playroom

Do you feel like toys are just taking over your home? And while you have a playroom, often times the toy clutter winds up in other rooms too. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, the best way to organize your home is to reevaluate your organization system. We’re here to help! We pulled together 6 important tips for organizing toys.

How to Organize Toys in a Playroom

  • Look for broken or damaged toys: Broken or damaged toys not only take up unnecessary space, they can also pose a potential threat to your child. Go through the playroom or area where you keep most of the toys and look for items that are worse for wear or are damaged and pose a choking or injury hazard. These toys should be immediately thrown out.
  • Donate, sell or give away toys: During the weeks leading up to your organization project, try to pay close attention to the toys your kids do not play with. If you notice your kids haven’t played with a particular toy in a few months, ask them if they’d want to give it away for someone else to play with.
  • Keep favorite toys all together: Do your kids have a couple of toys they play with all of the time? Designate one bin for each child’s favorite toys. This will not only help your children to find their favorite toys easier, it will also make it easier for your kids to learn to put their toys in the right spot.
  • Use plastic storage drawers for small items: Plastic storage drawers are a great method for storing smaller items. These drawers come in all different sizes and can store items like Legos, coloring supplies and more.
  • Use large baskets: Large baskets are a great storage option for storing stuffed animals and other large items. These baskets will help your space to appear more organized and clutter free.
  • Set a clean-up time: One of the best ways to ensure that your playroom stays organized is to set a designated clean up time. Maybe this time is for 20 minutes before dinner, or maybe it’s just a few minutes before bedtime. Having your kids help with your keeping your playroom organized will not only prevent it from getting messy as quickly, it will also help to teach them valuable life skills.

Do You Need More Household Storage Space?

When you have kids, what once was an office or spare bedroom may have been turned into a playroom. And in order to make room for the toys and playroom, the furniture pieces that used to inhabit this room got dispersed all over your home. Does this sound familiar? This is not at all uncommon. But overtime, you may start to feel that your home is just too cluttered with pieces of furniture and other items. If you are facing this problem, consider a storage unit rental.

A storage unit rental allows you to store extra furniture pieces, out of season clothing and more in a safe and secure spot until you can use it again. Are you looking for a storage unit near you? Lighthouse Self Storage has storage facilities in Whittier, CA, Westminster, CA, Oceanside, CA, Homestead, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL and West Palm Beach, FL. Our storage facilities have 5×5, 5×10 and 10×10 storage units, perfect for any sized storage need. Reserve your storage unit today!

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