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Why Everyone is Moving to West Palm Beach, Florida

Posted on: February 9, 2018 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage May 15, 2018

The gorgeous waterway at West Palm Beach Florida with the downtown skyline

Are you interested in moving to West Palm Beach? You’re not alone, the population of West Palm Beach has been steadily increasing within recent years, and it’s easy see why. There are many perks of living in West Palm Beach, FL, and many people have found them too attractive to turn down!

The Top Perks of Moving to West Palm Beach, FL

  1. Job Market: Before you move to a new location, it’s smart to check the job market in the area. This isn’t rocket science, without a job how will you be able to pay your bills? Well, when you check the job market for West Palm Beach, you may be pleasantly surprised. The location is a major tourist destination, creating a very steady and sustainable job market.
  2. No State Income Tax: It isn’t difficult to see the benefit in this one. Florida is one of seven states in the United States that doesn’t have income tax. Income taxes can amount for quite a deduction from your paycheck and living somewhere that doesn’t this deduction is a major perk.
  3. The Festivals: West Palm Beach is the home of a variety of festivals. Whether you’re looking for big-name live music, art festivals or more of a foodie-scene, the festivals in West Palm Beach have something for you.
  4. The Night Life: The night life in West Palm Beach is active and filled with unique bars, clubs and restaurants. There are also comedy clubs, live music venues and locations with fun cocktails.
  5. The School System is Excellent: Not only are there a lot of schools in West Palm Beach, there are a lot of good schools. This is a huge advantage for anyone with school aged children.
  6. The Beaches: While the beaches in Florida are beautiful, the beaches in West Palm Beach are especially beautiful. Palm Beach County is filled with gorgeous beaches with picnic areas, volleyball courts and swimming and fishing areas.
  7. The Golf Courses: Palm Beach County is the home of more than 160 golf courses, 11 of which rank within South Florida’s top 35 courses. If you’re looking for more of a unique golf experience, Florida’s Historic Golf Trail is also located in Palm Beach.

Lighthouse Self Storage in West Palm Beach, FL

Have we convinced you to move to West Palm Beach yet? If we have, you may be in the market for a Florida storage unit rental. Lighthouse Self Storage is opening a storage facility in West Palm Beach, ready to meet your beach storage needs. Our storage units at the West Palm Beach storage facility will range in various sizes, perfect for storage needs big or small. Are you interested in learning more about a storage unit rental at the West Palm Beach Lighthouse Self Storage? Contact us today!

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