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What to Expect When Storing with Lighthouse Self Storage in Miami, FL

Posted on: October 13, 2017 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage November 13, 2017

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If you are considering storing your items in a storage unit, you expect that unit to be secure. At Lighthouse Storage in Miami we understand your concerns and work to provide storage units with state-of-the-art security features as well as helpful amenities for our customers. Our storage units feature secure locks, door alarms, water sprinklers and fire and smoke detectors.

Services Offered at our Lighthouse Self Storage Location in Miami, FL

Security Features at Lighthouse Self Storage in Miami, FL

We don’t just offer security features inside of our facility, we also offer features on the grounds and surrounding area. Several of our storage facilitates even have biometric access. In order to enter a particular storage units, the facility is done via fingerprint identification. All of these systems make sure that no unauthorized access can happen within the facility. On top of that, many of our storage facilities in Miami have also installed several video surveillance cameras within the facility. These cameras record and monitor all of the movements, around the clock. This means that any unauthorized movement can be easily detected.

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units in Miami, FL

In order to further provide protection to all of your items within the facilities, many of our self storage facilities offer units that are climate controlled. A climate controlled storage unit has better control over the temperature and humidity in the storage unit. This means that the unit is also cooled or heated as needed, while the humidity is kept at a safe level. Excessive cold or heat may have an impact on the quality of your items. These climate controlled storage units make sure that weather conditions do not destroy your valuable possessions.
Other Services

Self Storage Liability Insurance in Miami, FL

Lighthouse Self Storage in Miami, FL does offer liability insurance. While some items will be protected under this insurance, some will not be. In order to determine if your items will be covered, consult with the rental manager before renting.

Self Storage Liability Insurance in Miami, FL

Lighthouse Self Storage has locations throughout Florida and California ready to serve your storage needs. Do you have additional questions regarding a storage unit rental? Contact us today!

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