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Hurricane Storage Guide

Leaves blowing during a hurricane in FloridaNatural disasters are not only terrifying, but they can result in serious damage. The best way to make it through hurricane season without suffering a loss is to be prepared. Keep an eye on the radar and when you hear that a hurricane is coming your way, take immediate action.

The last thing you want to have to worry about during a hurricane is the safety of your possessions. Follow these hurricane storage tips to keep your items safe during a hurricane.

Important Hurricane Storage Tips

While a storage unit is an ideal location to store your items during a hurricane, there are still a few precautionary steps to take to keep your items in the best condition and stay prepared for any natural disasters. Follow these hurricane storage tips below:

  • Choose the Correct Storage Unit: The storage unit you choose will be one of the biggest factors in how safe your items are during a violent storm. A heavy-duty concrete storage unit from Lighthouse Self Storage will be your best defense against a hurricane.
  • Choose a Storage Unit Size: Whether you’re just looking to store a few smaller items to get them out of the storm, or big pieces of furniture and other personal items, Lighthouse Self Storage has a storage solution for you. Our storage units range in sizes from the 5×5 storage unit to the 10×30 storage unit, ideal for any size storage need.
  • Stack Important and Irreplaceable Items High: Be strategic with the layout of your storage unit. Stack items that mean more to you, are more expensive or are more sensitive on top of items you care less about.
  • Use Pallet Boards and Tarps: Place a tarp on the pallet board to create a barrier between your items and the floor. This will keep your items from getting damaged by moisture that may seep up from the floor. Use pallet boards to elevate your items off of the floor.
  • Store Items that Could Be Potentially Dangerous for Your Home: One of the biggest threats to your home will be the items that could be a projectile during the storm. Store your patio and lawn furniture, outdoor decorations and other outdoor items in a storage unit.
  • Keep Your Vehicles Out of Danger: Keep your vehicles, bikes, cars, boats and RVs safe during the storm by storing them in a storage unit.

Hurricane Storage in the Homestead, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, FL Area

A hurricane storage rental with Lighthouse Self Storage gives you peace of mind knowing your items are in a secure location during the storm. Lighthouse Self Storage has hurricane storage facilities in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, West Palm Beach, FL and Homestead, FL area. Rent a hurricane storage unit today and check out our resources section for other storage related guides!

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