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Hurricane Irma – Emergency Preparations & Links

Posted on: September 8, 2017 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage March 13, 2019

Hurricane Storage Tips

Hurricane Irma

We are here to help explains what should be done when you receive a hurricane watch or warning from the National Weather Service in Miami, Homestead, Ft. Lauderdale, FL or your local area. Including tips on what to do to prepare before, what to do during, and what to do after a hurricane Irma.

Basic Preparedness Tips

•             Plan ahead and get familiar with the local evacuation route(s) to take and figure out a plan on where you can stay. Contact your local emergency management agency for more information or check them out online for updates.
•             Have a to-go bag ready at all times: Food, Water, medications, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, flashlight, and copies of your personal information ready to get out immediately.
•             If you are not ordered to evacuate and you stay in your home, plan for a long stay without power or water as these tend to go out for several days and you may not able to leave due to flooding or blocked roads.
•             Cover your home’s windows, permanent storm shutters are the best option but boarding up windows with 5/8” marine plywood, cut to fit and ready to install. Tape does not prevent windows from breaking.
•             Make a family emergency communication plan.
•             Many communities have text or email alerting systems for emergency notifications. To find out what alerts are available in your area, search the Internet with your town, city, or county name and the word “alerts.”

Hurricane Count Down 

What to do when a hurricane is 36 hours from arriving
•             Watch TV or to keep yourself updated on emergency instructions.
•             Make sure your emergency preparedness kit is well stocked. Including but not limited to food and 3 days of water minimum, medicine, a flashlight, extra batteries, cash, and a first aid kit.
•             Communicating via text is best, phone line will be flooded with emergency calls so check your phone in case people are trying to reach you.
•             Refuel your vehicle, stock it full of supplies, and be prepared to leave at a moments notice.
What to do when a hurricane is 18-36 hours from arriving
•             Open your city or county website and keep open and refreshed.
•             Anything that can fly away should be brought inside or anchored down to avoid them injuring someone or getting lost.
What to do when a hurricane is 6-18 hours from arriving
•             Stay updated at least every 30 mins check emergency services web pages for your city and county.
•             Charge your phone if you have power banks charge those too to have a reserve of power to keep in contact if the power goes out.
What to do when a hurricane is 6 hours from arriving
•             Hunker down and follow all the advice you are receiving from your county/city
•             Let friends and family know where you are if you are not going to be evacuating.
•             Stay far away from windows, close storm shutters, stay inside, and stay safe.
•             Turn fridge/freezer to coldest setting this will help keep food longer if the power goes out. If you are put a cup of water in the fridge to freeze once frozen put a quarter on top, when you get back if the quarter is at the bottom you should throw away all food as power was probably off for a long time.

Updated 9/8/2017 
Helpful Information:
Power Outages Map
Find Shelter  
Open Shelter
Florida Emergency Info. Line — 800-342-3557
TXT FLPREPARES to 888777 to receive updates


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