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How to Move Your Stuff to a Storage Facility

Posted on: November 10, 2017 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage May 15, 2018

Boxes labelled and ready to go into storage

Determine the Needed Storage Unit Size

There is a vast array of storage facilities near Fort Lauderdale that you can choose from, with different models on pricing also available. The first thing to do when moving your stuff to a storage rental facility is to choose the right sized unit for your needs. This means making sure that the location of the facility is within a very comfortable access from your home or workplace. At the same time, ensure that you also know which items will go into storage so that you will also know at least the minimum size of the unit you will need at a storage rental facility.

Determine Transportation to the Storage Unit

The next thing is planning for the transportation. Will you be renting a truck or a van in order to bring your items to the storage unit? Also, you have to look into checking whether or not you have enough materials for packing. You may use a good combination of boxes already owned, and purchase some additional ones from storage or a shipping company. Making sure that both the transportation and packing materials are ready will allow you to get started on the right foot.

Pack and Label Your Boxes

To start packing, take the bigger items apart so that they can be transported easier. All the other smaller items may be boxed so that they will not get lost along the move. Breakables should be wrapped with cloth or newspaper, and placed towards the top of the boxes, as well as items that are heavier. It would be best not to pack a lot of heavier items in a single box. When all the items have been boxed already, make sure that all of them are labeled using a permanent marker. This will allow you to look for items that you need easily and quickly. Make sure that you also clean out appliances that you need to store, taping the doors tightly shut so that they will not open during transport to the facility.

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