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5 Decluttering Tips for Seniors

Posted on: November 20, 2018 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage February 25, 2019

Senior woman with her mom after following decluttering tips for seniors

As your mom or dad ages, you may be starting to get concerned about their safety around the home. Large furniture pieces, plants and rugs can easily become fall hazards for those that aren’t very mobile. In order to remove any potential fall hazards, it’s very important to declutter the home as much as possible. Unfortunately, if your parents live in a large home or are against decluttering, this can be a very difficult task.

We’re here to help. When helping your parents declutter their home, try out these 5 tips!

Tips for Decluttering Elderly Parents

  1. Let your senior take control: It’s important to remember that decluttering can be a very intimidating process for seniors. In order to mitigate the stress felt by your parent during this process, it is important to let the senior take control. Within reason, if they do not want to get rid of an item, do not push them on it.
  2. Start in one room: When you view decluttering the home as one big project, it can seem very intimidating. View each room as its own project. When you finish decluttering a room, celebrate!
  3. Sort items into piles: When helping your parents declutter their home, create piles labeled “keep”, “donate”, “throw out”, “give away” and “store”. When sorting through items, be sure to have your parents pull out any items they think grandkids or other family members will be able to use. Items that are no longer wanted but are still in working condition can be donated. Items that are damaged or too old can be thrown out. Any items that are cluttering up your parents’ home but are still wanted can be stored in a storage unit.
  4. Pick one item from a collection: Collections can take up a lot of room. If your mom or dad has a lot of collections, like dolls or collectible cards, suggest they choose their favorite item from the items to represent the entire collection.
  5. Consider a storage unit: There may be some items clogging up walkways or blocking entrances that your mom or dad doesn’t need year-round. Items like holiday decorations and seasonal items are only needed once a year and can take up a great deal of space. A storage unit rental allows your parents to get unneeded items out of the home and somewhere safe for when they need them again.

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