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Management Services

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Lighthouse Self Storage is a self storage property management, maintenance and consulting firm managed by Progressive Realty Partners, Inc. which was founded in 1996. The company has an emphasis on the operation and management of self-storage facilities and multi-family residential properties. In addition to self storage property management services, Lighthouse manages its corporately owned portfolio of properties, which includes self storage, residential income (apartments), medical buildings and office properties. As property owners, the principals of Lighthouse eventually built a superior option than traditional property management services being offered within their local markets. With extensive backgrounds in real estate, including managing, designing and constructing self-storage facilities and multi-family communities, the progression into property management was a natural one.

Our clients know that as owners, we think like you, an owner. We run and care for our portfolio of properties as if we own every one. We have a common objective with our clients: to generate the highest gross potential revenue resulting from the most efficient operating cost structure in the near-term, and to position real estate assets to generate a tax efficient, sustainable long time source of cash flow. We have and will continue to invest in the top consulting minds in self storage, leverage technology where it can make a positive difference and bring together diverse perspectives to understand and act on market movements and trends.

For valuation assignments, we combine our knowledge of industry, demographic and market criteria with proprietary evaluation technology to deliver assessments that track extraordinarily close to a property’s final sales price. We also interact regularly with real estate investors nationwide to determine potential buyer profiles and further support realistic valuations that can help gauge client pricing expectations.

Management Services

Land Acquisition
Property Management
Asset Management
Project Development
Property Management
Economic Oversight
Call Center & Reservations
Customer Relations
Rental Rate Maximization
Inventory Evaluation
Monthly Physical Audit
Preventative Maintenance Program
Third-Party Vendor Selection
Real Estate Tax Consultation


Internet Optimization
Lead Tracking

Tax & Financial

Accounts payable
Payroll management
Operations Budgeting and Forecasting
Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Reports
Financing Acquisition
Tax Planning
Succession Planning
Sales Tax Reporting

If you have a property you would like to sell, have a circumstance in which you may need an equity partner, or would like to invest with us, please call 1-949-453-9993. If you are thinking of selling, we can help package your property, so you can get the highest return on your investment at closing.

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