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Charities and Non-Profit Organizations in Palm Beach County

Posted on: November 23, 2018 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage November 30, 2018

A young girl in an animal shelter

During the holiday season, many people look to make donations to worthy charities. There are many great charities in the Palm Beach area needing monetary donations or volunteers. If you’re planning on donating to a West Palm Beach charity, consider donating to one of these charities below!

6 Charities in Palm Beach County

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue of the League of the Palm Beach Inc.

The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue seeks to provide shelter to any homeless, lost or unwanted animals. The organization will give medical attention to the animals to help them find a new home. Peggy Adams Animal Rescue also advocates for animal welfare in the community and helps to further the bond between people and animals.

Little Smiles Inc.

Little Smiles seeks to make the lives of local kids living in hospitals, hospice or shelters more enjoyable by fulfilling their needs and wishes. The organization will help get the kids toys, videos, computers, limousine transportation, special dinners and celebrity meet and greets.

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that helps to restore normalcy and confidence to disadvantaged children under the age of 21 who have lost their hair. This organization uses donated ponytails of hair to create high quality hair prosthetics that are given to children suffering from long-term hair loss.

McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary

The McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary is both a rehabilitation facility and a home to many native and exotic animals. Many of these animals have been donated to the organization by wildlife officers who took the animals due to abuse, neglect or illegal possession. Other animals in the organization were donated by their owners when they could no longer care for them.

Kids Cancer Foundation, Inc.

The Kids Cancer Foundation seeks to provide support to local children and families that are fighting cancer or another blood disorder. This organization offers supportive care services and helps to educate families on treatment and the diagnosis. If you’re unable to donate to this organization, consider being a volunteer.

Shuzz Fund Inc.

The mission of Shuzz is to help give new shoes to children living in high poverty areas. This organization has already done amazing work and has benefited 100,000 kids in poverty-stricken areas.

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