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How to Store a Bicycle

Posted on: November 24, 2017 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage March 19, 2019

A man cleans his bicycle before placing it into storage in a storage unit

A good bicycle is an investment. And just like any other investment, you are most likely looking to protect it in order to preserve its longevity. If the time has come to store your bike, whether for temporary, seasonal or long-term reasons, it is important to properly prepare it for storage.

Must Follow Tips When Storing a Bicycle

  1. Clean the Bicycle: Before storing your bicycle, it is important to thoroughly clean it. This is a small step that can end up saving you good money. Any leftover dirt, mud or bugs can cause the bike to corrode or rust during storage. Take a soft bristled brush and run it over the chain, gears and wheels. The frame, handle bars and seat should be wiped down and then polished. After the bike has been cleaned and polished, apply a manufacturer approved oil to the bike to protect it from moisture and rust.
  2. Store Your Bicycle Out of the Elements: While bikes are designed to be able to withstand the elements for a short time period, they are not designed to be stored outside in the elements. Leaving your bike outside can cause the bike to rust and the tires to crack. It is important to store your bicycle in a covered location that will keep it safe from the dangerous elements.
  3. Take Care of Damaged or Rusty Spots: If you notice that your bicycle is damaged, take care of it before putting it into storage. If you don’t take care of the damage before the bicycle sits in storage, it will come out of storage in a worse state than it went in.
  4. Be Cautious of What Surrounds Your Bicycle: Bicycles can be extremely fragile. If you choose to store your bicycle in the garage or a shed, be cautious of what is surrounding it. If a heavy tool or items falls on your bicycle, it can dent the frame or break the bicycle chain. Store your item in a location free from any potential hazards.
  5. Consider Using Bicycle Hooks: If you’re housing situation allows it, consider using bike hooks. Bicycle hooks are a smart way to get your bicycle out of the way of potential hazards in your garage or shed.

A Storage Unit is a Great Option for Bicycle Storage

If you do not have a location to store your bicycle that is out of the elements, or don’t want to risk storing your bicycle in a garage or shed, consider utilizing a storage unit. Lighthouse Self Storage has small storage units starting at 4X4 and ranging to 15X8, perfect for storing one bike to an entire fleet. For additional protection against rust, our storage units even come with a climate controlled option. Are you interested in learning more about using a storage unit for bicycle storage? Contact us today!

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