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5 Easy to Follow Moving Tips

Posted on: May 22, 2019 | by: Lighthouse Self Storage June 3, 2019

Moving season is upon us! Are you thinking about moving sometime within the next few months? While moving can be a stressful time, following a few quick tips can help to limit the stress. Check out these essential moving tips below!

Must-Follow Moving Tips and Tricks

  • Start early: When it comes to packing, you can never start too early. During the months leading up to your move, start to pack up items you will not need until you’re in your new home. Starting as early as possible will go a long way to reduce stress as the moving date gets nearer.
  • Get rid of unneeded items: Throughout the years, you may have acquired items that you just no longer want or need. Take time to sort through your house and pull these items out. This will not only prevent you from moving items you do not need, it will also help to keep your new home decluttered. Items you no longer want or need can be donated, sold, given away or thrown out if damaged.
  • Go room to room: As your moving day looms nearer, pack room by room. Do not mix items from other rooms in your boxes. This will not only make for a more organized room, it will also make it easier when unpacking the boxes. Once the boxes are full, write on the outside which room the boxes belong in.
  • Label all fragile boxes: After spending so much time meticulously packing boxes, the last thing you want is for your items to break while being moved. Thoroughly wrap all fragile items in newspaper or moving paper and place them into boxes labeled fragile. This will help to remind you or your moving crew to take extra care when moving these boxes.
  • Ask for help: Moving can be a lot of work. Depending on how big your home is and how many items you have, you may benefit from asking for help. Whether this means you hire a professional moving crew, or you just ask friends and family member for help, a little help can go a long way.

Stay Organized During Your Move With a Storage Unit Rental!

As you’re packing up, you may notice that there are some items you want to hold onto but will not need for a while. Maybe these are seasonal decorations, out of season clothing or other items you only need periodically. Instead of waiting until your moving day to move these boxes to a new home, consider a storage unit rental. A storage unit rental will let you move the boxes ahead of time and can help to keep your new home clutter free.

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